Dear potential customer/s from Unites States of America,

as you might imagine yourself, this great - article is generating a lot of interest from all over the world. Sure we are happy about that! But things are a little bit more complicated, not only because of Corona.

We will answer your questions with a link to this wiki, so we need to write and update the text only in one place.

Unfortunatelly global chip crisis prevents us from producing the tracker, today.

As soon, as all necessary components will be available, we will ramp up production immediately. All is ready and prepared for that „GO“.

We will start with 868 MHz trackers for the European Market first, then we will swap into other frequencies and adapt the first model to serve your market.

We know, there are lots of animals in United States and the demand is really huge, not only cats, but also sheeps, cows… and others.

We will tell you later about shipping costs here.


Molly Cattracker Team
Berlin, Germany

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Great work done by Team Molly, Berlin, Germany, Europe. 12.2021ff. All content subject to change unannounced!

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